How is my event promoted on Goldstar?

Modified on Wed, 19 Apr 2023 at 08:13 PM

How is my event promoted on Goldstar?
How much time do you have? In all seriousness, there are a ton of ways we promote events, and we're continually adding more. From our responsive website, mobile apps, personalized emails, promotional compendiums and affiliate partners, you have the opportunity to build a huge audience for your events.

Here's a rundown of some of the ways we build audiences for your event:

  • Remove Barriers — We make events accessible and exciting to a wide audience, and tickets affordable enough that there's no risk to try something new. Our thousands of event reviews and tips also help members feel confidence in their decisions, and our customer service team backs that up by answering questions in a jiff.

  • Mobile First — Most of our visits come from mobile devices. Our members are on the go, so we're on the go with them. They can browse listings, read reviews, buy tickets, and so much more – all from their phones.

  • Personalized Experience — Our technology fuels discovery. By tracking people's buying and viewing patterns, our system positions your events to be seen first by those most likely to buy tickets. Every time someone looks at your event, attends it, Stars it, or interacts with it in any way, it gives your event more chances to be discovered.

  • Emails and Promotions — We build excitement about your event in personalized emails that feature nothing but live entertainment offers. And to keep events fresh and relevant, we're constantly packaging them in new ways. We do seasonal promotions (Holiday Events, Summertime Fun, etc.) and themed promotions of all kinds, from festivals to cruises to family events.

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